08 February 2014

Traditional Native American dolls

Disclaimer: All work contained here are belongs to their respective owners and have been collected from various sources.  Any objections will be honored , and taken down immediately upon request.

New Native Art

 Some new patterns from various artisan's. 

Disclaimer : I make not attempt to claim authorship of any items posted above. Every effort will be made to accommodate the artist, including removal of the work.

10 October 2012

Eagle Call

Reworked the eagle for a calling bird. My masters program is starting again tomorrow, so my art will slow down a bit.

03 October 2012

Blackfeet Man - ZBrush4r4 Model

Here is a new work in progress that I have begun. I am jumping around a bit on different subject matter so that I do not get burned out. I like this workflow a lot better, and the end result is that it holds my interest more. I hope that you enjoy it!

02 October 2012

Prairie Wolf

I have a good start on a Prairie Wolf, although there are not alot of pictures for this type of wolf. I hope you enjoy it.

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