31 January 2009

Peyote Art by Herbert Stash

Here is some beautiful work done by Navajo artist Herbert Stash. Posted with permission from the artist, Copyrights held by the artist.

Native American Church Art

I am fairly dedicated to the expression of Art with meaning, and really have strong opinions about "trash for cash" , as I feel that true Native art was spiritually based and was always created as a vehicle for the conveyance of a spiritual thought.

I do not blame those whose life circumstances may have placed them outside of their traditions, and seek to find beauty, and share that expression through whatever means possible. However, I have seen a rolling tide of idyllic native art visa-via what I call "trading post trash", that is being held up as true native in origin. I believe there is a distinction to be made in modern native art , that must be garnished from a fine arts aesthetic.

To reference native art from a purely western ethnocentric view, betrays the very core of traditional Native art creation, that being art for cultural preservation, and a continuance in the purpose of a reflection of spiritual life styles. While I don't condone Native artists that present art for the general public, I don't blame them either, for they are trying to feed themselves in an ever increasing financial disparity within our nation.

I do long for fellow artist that are following a pure expression without the burden of creating art for the known genre. Perhaps we artisans can follow our own hearts and find that the populations of the global societies do want art that may offer fresh perspectives. That art should be wholesome to the spiritual presence is well embraced, and that we all are caretakers of peace should be a purpose to which we all aspire.

I thank you in advance, for those that have shared this thought, please feel free to post you comments.

25 January 2009

Peyote fan and buttons

Peyote fan and buttons, originally uploaded by Denny Mingus.

I got permission for this photo from Denny Mingus, I am sad that the peyote is there however. The memories in that fan are lost to the families,and only the visual reminder calls to the beauty of the ceremony.

10 January 2009

My Painter x and Photoshop work

Some of my drawings.

04 January 2009

3d art

This is a challenge that I began, while learning Zbrush 3.1

Native American Church items

Here is some more art and photos relative to the Native American Church.

02 January 2009

Native American Church Art

Here are some samples of Native American Featherwork.

Favorite Birds

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