10 October 2012

Eagle Call

Reworked the eagle for a calling bird. My masters program is starting again tomorrow, so my art will slow down a bit.

03 October 2012

Blackfeet Man - ZBrush4r4 Model

Here is a new work in progress that I have begun. I am jumping around a bit on different subject matter so that I do not get burned out. I like this workflow a lot better, and the end result is that it holds my interest more. I hope that you enjoy it!

02 October 2012

Prairie Wolf

I have a good start on a Prairie Wolf, although there are not alot of pictures for this type of wolf. I hope you enjoy it.

01 October 2012

Eagle Heads

Here is some Eagle head designs that I am making, I went through a few iterations, but am still deciding which direction I would like to go with.

20 September 2012

New Zbrush Models

I am making new Character models in Zbrush 4r4 and making custom materials for each.

Its a new process and I love the result.

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