29 March 2009

Native American Ribbon designs

These are some examples of ribbon work used in ceremonial art and Pow Wow. From what I can determine some of the first tribes to start ribbon design were Eastern Osage, Kiowa, Seminole, and Great Lakes Tribes. Certainly the art has evolved however, the more intricate ribbon work today is practiced by the Seminole and members of the Native American Church. Pow Wow work is basically large design favoring eastern floral. I really enjoy the art as I have tried some designs and there really is no short cuts that make it easy. It is hard work and takes some planning, my hat goes off to the artisans that endeavor to do this type of art.


  1. Beautiful ribbon work. It makes me miss my home state of Oklahoma

  2. Aloha,

    I was wanting to know if you knew the person who created these beautiful work of art? I am interested in acquiring a set of bags and a peyote robe for my husband. You can email me at: renaesworld2004@yahoo.com.

    Mahalo for showing this artists work.


  3. I have a friend in Pawnee that does work just like that.. very nice, thanks for sharing.

    View my latest painging Ken..



  4. Absolutly beautiful examples of Ribbon work.
    These are prime examples of top grade work.
    As always I look forward to your post on this site, and thank you for stopping by my site to see my posts.
    Be well and keep up the good work.

    Bob aka Eaglesbrother

  5. Numbers 15:38 led me to your site. Interesting history of ribband or ribbon.


  6. I`m looking at different designs for a drawing contest, and i just happened to come across your site on google.

  7. I am looking for some OK Seneca style ribbons dresses. Would you be able to find me some designs?

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