26 January 2010

Native American Ribbonwork

Here are some additional Ribbon Designs. I find this art so beautiful, and I know the talent and effort needed to complete the projects.


  1. Awesome Ribbon work.
    A true work of Art...and very time consuming.

  2. Hello, My Marian Desjarlais... i was notified by others that you were using my ribbon art work on your site. it takes alot of time and creativing on my part. but i didn't see you acknowlegde that it is my work. Please take them down if you are not going to give me any credit for my work. thank you kindly
    -Mrs. Marian Desjarlais

  3. Whom do I get ahold of for a ribbowork cradleboard? Please reply at madelinegoode15@gmail.com

  4. Mrs. Marian Desjarlais,
    your work is amasing,
    do you have a website ?
    or offer a course ?
    or sell you items ?
    workingwonders @ aol.com (no spaces)

  5. I can't believe that america has a native ribbon like this one. I thought all of their fashion is modern. By the way that ribbon is very cute.

  6. I am very much impressed with your article and I am happy that I am associated with your site.Excellent posting, and need your tips next time.
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