07 February 2009

Plains Beadwork

Here is a site that has thousands of quality photos of various Native Art items, please check the Ethnographic link provided for research purposes.

Here is a small sample of photos to be found, very beautiful at the very least

The first is of an unknown origin - it is believed to be a Gourd from a Medicine bundle, which I believe is correct, judging by the strength of the object I have no doubt it is powerful in purpose and use.

The second photo is a Comanche peyote Fan circa 1825.

The saddles are Crow design featuring High back plains styles rarely found today.

Crow work has the signiture seperation of colors by using white.


  1. Thank you for the link to Ethnographic ....a wonderful site with so much to see and admire.

    aka Eaglesbrother

  2. I have not seen such lovely beadwork in a very long time.
    Many thanks to you for giving me the link ! :)


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