01 February 2009

Sid Armstrongs Comments

Trading post trash is my exact sentiments. I wonder who does this stuff, and how much are they getting for that stuff? Are they in some 3rd world country being told what to paint, or tie together, or carve. Child labor? Lot's of thoughts go through my mind about this cheap form of so called NAART. Which in it's own form is a lie! And against the law! Since we have our own copyright laws that govern who gets to do what, when it comes to NAART. As a true Native American artist, I guess you can say it is a form of flattery, that someone must imitate you, since they have no idea of how we come up with our beliefs, traditions. They only want something we can give to them. It is not ours to give, since it came from the creator. Something all Native Americans are born with. All of my relatives are like a walking song dictionary, can sing 500 songs a any given moment, or can paint something from pure emotion that came from a vision. You can't give that away, or teach it. You have to be born with it. When you look at things this way, then it does make things much easier to do art about your heritage, and traditions.
February 1, 2009 10:48 AM

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